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Bringing Out the Potential of Children - Gardeners
A Beginners Gardening Guide Geared for Kids - Give Them the Survival Skill of Growing Food...
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If you truly believe that our children are very capable learners and recognize their potential then this book is for you, to bring out their potential as gardeners/food producers. A beginners gardening guide.
  • Have youngsters creating an abundance of fresh produce in a garden.
  • Experience the delight of sharing the miracle of growing - taking a tiny seed and nurturing it into a mature food producing plant with the sense of wonderment it brings out in the children. 
  • Gardening opens the door to having access to good nutritious food and the feeling of satisfaction in producing your own food.
  • This book will give all you need to get started in that growing process and share in the delight of being a food producer.
  • It covers all the way from choosing a gardening spot to bringing in the harvest. All done in a fun and inspiring way.
Patrice Porter, The Gardening Grandma, bringing the old time survival skill of gardening to the next generations! Author of the book series "Bringing Out The Potential of Children". Creator of Got Dirt Gardening for Kids - getting kids hooked on gardening
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